Monthly Archive November 22, 2020


One Hive Goal Achieved! Time for new ones!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

I actually achieved 2 goals: 50.000 CTP Power and 1000 CTP Miners!

I’ve been slowly buying some miners as much as I could and made it to the goal before the end of the year!

So I guess I need to update my goals!

Of course I will continue to grow my CTP Power but I think it’s time to dedicate to another token, and it’s already on my goals so I will try to embrace it more: LEO from @leofinance!

The thing is I don’t feel comfortable enough to create financial posts hence the low rewards, but I believe talking about my business is also related to finance somehow, right?

Anyway, I do believe the potential, and watching LEO grow on the side makes me want to jump in too! So I decided to delegate the few Hive Power left to @leo.voter! Is not much but it’s something!

Another account that I’ve been putting pretty much my heart and soul in our community beloved, the @ctpsb! Not so long ago @achim03 kind of dropped a bomb about it, you can check the post:

I delegated a bunch of different tokens to this account so, as delegator and token holder, will soon get dividends from the rewards from all the tokens working on that account! Isn’t that awesome?!

So I decided to add the CTPSB Token as a new goal: I have 400 at the moment, I want 1000!

Oh yeah, I also bought a few BRO Tokens! Just found out about them and it’s a-mazing!!

I know, I know I’m all over the place, but now I have these babies working for me while I dedicate myself more to other tokens!

So let’s update #MyHiveGoals and organize in a cool table:

CTP Power80000
HIVE Power2500
LEO Power500
CTPSB Tokens1000

And here’s the updated table with the percentages according to the previous table:

CTP Power5050063,13%
HIVE Power215586,20%
LEO Power44789,40%
CTPSB Tokens40040,00%

And guess what? I’m writing this post through my WordPress Blog!

So I managed to fix my @exxp issue and hopefully, this one goes through right away!

As for the weekly goal, I will keep updating my blog with all the previous Weekly Updates of CTP Blueprint! Since I’ve been uploading the vlogs on Lbry, it takes more time to do it!

And I guess I have a plan for the weeks ahead! Still a few before the end! If I don’t reach them until the end of the year, that’s OK! I will be close to the goals for sure!

So…How about your goals? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Happy Sunday!


CTP Blueprint WordPress Blog is now Live!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

I decided to give a next step to CTP Blueprint and add a WordPress Blog!

No, my love for Hive is still strong, just want to open my horizons and perhaps a bit more exposure to myself and the program!

And with the @exxp WP plugin, I can now have the best of both worlds!

For now on, I will be mostly posting through WP except my vlogs, like the CTP BP Weekly Updates. Those will still be on @threespeak, which is another love of mine! I will be using Lbry to upload my vlogs and then embed on a WP blog post!

It’s still a little empty, I will be uploading all the previous Weekly Updates for the next few days. That was another reason to have WP, having a place to archive all of them in one place. On Hive they ended up getting mixed with all the other posts and having a side archive on the WP page will be easy to catch them.

Also, I added on the side a form to my email series in a pretty neat way!

I’m sure some of you are already in, it is my main TrafficWave list, with new Thank You pages. That will be another task, organizing the emails and add new ones into automation. Feel free to join if you aren’t in yet!

Now let’s see if this goes to Hive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Saturday!