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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Today I reached a new milestone!

100 000 CTP Power!!

To think that part of this power comes from my content creation, my constant effort…it feels amazing!

And thank you so much who are still reading and future readers of my rambles 😉

Shall we get into the fancy table?

Goals 04/0411/04Percentage to Goal
CTP Power (150000)9700010000066,67%
HIVE Power (5000)3731376275,24%
LEO Power (2000)82282841,40%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)61562062,00%
INDEX Tokens (3000)2460260086,67%

My Road to 150K CTP is on!!

Overall, every token grew a little!

LEO token got a bit less because I joined the initiative by @lbi-token and donated my few little Leos but with lots of love!

You can check and support if you want here:


Even though I feel that I engaged very poorly this week, still have a spot on the last engagement chart!


This week was strange as I am on quarantine with my little boy. He got in contact with a little friend with Covid at kindergarten so we are waiting for either symptoms and/or taking the test next Saturday. So far he is ok and hopefully stays that way…

Nevertheless, I always keep the #3StepsNoExcuses posts up and running and always, ALWAYS reply everyone’s comments! If I ever fail one of yours, shame on me!! lol

Speaking of No Excuses…#MyCTPGoals!

Fourth week ending, only a couple of days left so next week I might do a overall of earnings due to posting everyday with the Adventure!

For now, I will leave below the posts of this fourth week:

This is what I’m going to get in Hive-Engine rewards this week:


This week only added two Actifit Reports and then no more walkings so this week is pretty much everything from the Adventure!

Not bad I believe 🙂

And that’s about it for today!

Flex it Pink goals strong women fip strong girls GIF

How were your goals this week?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below 🙂

Have an awesome week!


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