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About Me

My name is Eliana Gomes and I’m a Spa Therapist during the day, an Affiliate Marketer during the night, and a full-time Mother! In the…

My name is Eliana Gomes and I’m a Spa Therapist during the day, an Affiliate Marketer during the night, and a full-time Mother!

In the past when I was unemployed I tried to find other sources of income. Found out about PTC’s (paid to do click) and PTR’s (paid to read) but took me some time to notice that it wouldn’t help me long-term. So went through some network marketing businesses with the belief that I could make a decent amount of money in time record. Oh I was so naive that time…

I found out about Click Track Profit sometime later and was excited to start with a step-by-step training about affiliate marketing, as well as gaining some badges from traffic exchanges in the process! But in the end, I was overwhelmed and the thought that needed to invest in the business was out of the question and gave up! Another naive move…

Many years passed by and fell in love with Spa Therapy, took a course and later got the dream job at working in a well-known hotel group. Even though I put aside the online business, never stopped to receive emails of everything I subscribed through the years.

Click Track Profit always stayed in my heart from all the things I tried to join and work with. Was the only one I had some success even for a small period of time.

In August 2019, after some emails about the re-launching CTP, I decided to take a look and logged in…The best decision ever made! The website is clean and simple, the training lessons are a must, and more important and why I kept CTP in my heart is the gamified feature! I know I’m a bit of a nerd gamer…but don’t you learn better while having fun with it? Another plus to the website is the union between affiliate marketing and the blockchain! Gaining crypto while blogging about everything especially to brand yourself is a new world to amplify your business!

After looking and poking around the website, do some training and attend some webinars with Jon Olson and Blain Jones, my mind was set! Thanks to them I decided to get out of my comfort zone and show myself to the world! And prove everyone that even a full-time Mother and Spa Therapist, I can also be successful online!

Now I want YOU to be successful!

What you do need is good solid tools which will allow you to get your name and face recognized, get you to build up your list, and eventually get you sales. Basic training is important which is why I have decided to write this guide about Click Track Profit (CTP)

I want will help you get through the website, as well to show you what it is all about and how you could benefit from it. Either if you are a newbie or an old-time marketeer, there’s always something to learn every day!

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme – far from it in fact – and it sets out plainly and simply how you will have to work consistently and over a long time frame, making small gains as you go, to achieve your own online success.