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Crazy Little Thing Called…Index!

I know there must be a bunch of Queen fans out there that will be reading the rest of the post with the song playing in their mind!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

It’s been a few days since the INDEX token blastoff I didn’t have done any post about it yet, shame on me!

But if you’re hiding in a cave getting ready to hibernate, please grab a bunch of these before you go!

A few posts to know more about it:

And, of course, INDEX is so sexy that it has its own website! Click on the image below to get there!

For those who just started to embrace the world of Crypto or even those who are around for a while and still scratching their heads, this token is a good start!

Because just on Hive-Engine, the infinite list of tokens is…well…infinite! And some will don’t know which ones to invest first or get overwhelmed with the amount of information out there about each token or came across with people completely biased like me cheerleading for a specific token ( GIVE ME A C! GIVE ME A T! GIVE ME A P! CTP!! WOOHOO!).

So INDEX represents an index of the best performing tokens in the Hive-Engine market! Buy exchanging some HIVE for INDEX you will get a percentage of rewards from those represented tokens everyday! So the more INDEX tokens you hold, better rewards you get!

What? Want more sexyness? Check out the Tokens represented so far:

Some icons are familiar huh?

My personal favorites are LEO, SIM, DEC and BRO!

Well…I love them all!!

Its difficult to choose!

Glad there are INDEX tokens that I can gather them at once in rewards daily!! hint hint

All you have to do is get some HIVE to exchange it!

Low in HIVE? If you have some FIAT laying around you can get some by exchange it!

Here’s a cool guide courtesy of @jongolson!

Speaking of Jon, he did a fancy infographic:

The struggle of getting more of these is real!

Already spread the joke that I’m selling my kidney! I have two so why not? (hey…wanna buy??)

That’s how bad I want to buy more!

Or…Christmas is coming! Accepting gifts in HIVE!

Anyway….go check it out! Here’s the link to the market:

You’re welcome!

Happy Saturday!

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