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CTP BP Weekly Updates #8

Hello Buzzy Bees!

Welcome to the CTP Blueprint Weekly Update #8!

Here are the updates of last week:

  • Mustang Traffic, owned by @elizabetamt, is now inside CTP Blueprint on the Traffic Exchange Page! Thank you again Elizabeta! You can check the program below:
  • TaxiCab Hits, owned by @greensempire, added CTP Blueprint to its Downline Builder. As a thank you and to give some exposure, I added as well on my Traffic Exchanges Page. Thank you, Aaron! You can check the program below:
  • The box highlighting the Fireball event on the CTP Blueprint main page is now showing adapted to a variety of devices!
  • Added a Video Walkthrough about Actifit Fitness Tracker to the Videos Section. Thank you #actifit for the awesome DApp! You can check the site here:

And that’s it for the updates!

Here are the Leaderboards so far:


Thank you so much, everyone, for all the support!

If you have any requests or help with something that I can do and add on the program to improve and give more value, feel free to comment below or drop me a line on Telegram!

Make sure you follow CTP BP on Facebook –

Happy Monday!

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