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Even being away-ish, it keeps growing!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

It was a strange week, kind of like a blur at the moment. But I think I bought a few income tokens here and there.

Been to focused on work this week that I didn’t post anything else besides my Actifit Reports! Which fortunately they give 1/2 Hive a day so can’t complain!

Let’s go to the fancy table:

Goals 24/0409/05Percentage to Goal
CTP Power (150000)10500011000073,33%
HIVE Power (5000)3800398279,64%
LEO Power (2000)86092046,00%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)63564064,00%
INDEX Tokens (3000)2700275091,67%

1018 HP to be near the Dolphins!!

Natures Great Events Travel GIF by BBC America

Slow and steady! It’s so cool when it keeps growing even though when you create less!

I kept curating and commenting though 🙂

Was checking the usual graphics to share with you from AMR tools, but the top engagement stats are still from last week so I’ll just share the posts/comments graphic:


Can’t believe I failed adding comments on Saturday according to the graphic. I believe this is because of the time zone the program is in and it was actually Sunday when I posted and commented lol

I’m so confident with how my account is at the moment that it is ok if I fail a day or two know thanks to curation 🙂

As for #MyCTPGoals…

I made it getting my Ebook finished for CTP Blueprint‘s Birthday!!

Oh yeah my baby program turned a year yesterday! Still a strange feeling but I’m proud that I kept it alive for a year ahaha

You can check all about it on yesterday’s post!

I will try to get back to the goals of this little section through the week. There’s still other projects to finish!

I need a clone 🤣

And that’s about it for today!

Flex it Pink goals strong women fip strong girls GIF

How were your goals this week?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below 🙂

Have an awesome week!


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