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January done! On to my favorite month of the year!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

Sunday fun day!

Though tomorrow will be more fun because of Hive-PUD! Have a bunch of HIVE just for it and it’s so tempting to use it to buy other tokens! But I won’t!

I need to pump my Hive Power. I want to be Dolphin soon!!

So next Sunday will have better numbers for Hive 🙂

Speaking of numbers!

CTP Power (150000)680008000053,33%
HIVE Power (5000)2483264452,88%
LEO Power (2000)49558829,40%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)44054054,00%
INDEX Tokens (3000)1500210070,00%

Was a nice progress this month!

I got a screenshot from my Hive growth for the entire month from

Not bad, huh? Cheers for the next month!

As for #MyCTPGoals…

CTP Blueprint has now 330 Members! Thank you for the support so far!

TrafficWave got a big makeover on the website. It’s fancy and with some new tweaks and much better way to write emails I believe!

I actually sent an email to my TrafficWave List to try the new stuff and it was pretty slick!

Hope it gets me motivated to get my goal of 100 emails in automation sequence done!

To know more about HIVE-PUD tomorrow (or today for me lol), check the posts below:

Thank you so much for reading!

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