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LeoFi got me sidetracked for a good cause! Cubs are cute!!

Hello Buzy Bees!

Happy Sunday!

Time to take a look my progress of the week!

Though I didn’t move much because I got side tracked learning how to grab Lions and make them do Cubs 🤣

What?? It’s pretty much literal…lol

Thanks to @bitcoinflood and his Newbie Guide, I was able to get into the DeFi world for the first time!

So yeah, I had to sacrifice some LEO’s, for a good cause I believe!

This is what I have at the moment, nothing much but little by little…

Thank you for the devs who created this bot on Discord to check our stuffs!

Let’s get into the fancy table:

CTP Power (150000)900009200062,00%
HIVE Power (5000)3408352771,32%
LEO Power (2000)76678939,90%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)60061561,50%
INDEX Tokens (3000)2350237579,33%

To think that I’m 1500 HP ish away from Dolphin!!!

On the other hand, I’ve been slacking using CTPTalk to engage but always at least reply all comments of my posts!

And nothing much else happened…Can’t invest more at the moment, so I have to create more!!

As for #MyCTPGoals…

I added a few new emails to my automated series on my TrafficWave List and sent a couple of emails either on TrafficWave and CTP Blueprint List!

Speaking of CTP…Tomorrow we are going to start a challenge!

Here’s how the challenge will work:

– The 30-day challenge will start on tomorrow – March 15

– Will be going through the lessons inside Click track Profit
– Learn Email Marketing with ListNerds
– Develop income generating habits through Plus1Success

– Each day there will be an outline with the tasks on the CTP Telegram Group so make sure you’re in and join us in this adventure!

Of course I will do my best to document it 🙂

And that’s about it for today!

Bart Johnson Focus GIF by Cameo

How were your goals this week?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below 🙂

Have an awesome week!

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