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My second attempt at a weekly schedule (yeah good luck with that!)!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

Another week ending, another update from #MyHiveGoals!

Hope you are on a path of reaching your own or at least getting some ready for the new year!

Let’s dive into the fancy table:

CTP Power (80000)505005250065.53%
HIVE Power (2500)2155221088.40%
LEO Power (500)44746793.40%
CTP SB Tokens (1000)40040660.60%

I’m quite happy with the progress this week!

Let’s keep going!

I will keep updating my WordPress blog as always and all the other things from the infinite list!

This week I will try again to organize some kind of schedule:

Since Sundays and Mondays already have a fixed post, I would like to do something similar for the other days. I will dedicate two days of the week – Tuesdays and Fridays – just to curate and commenting! I want to be able to catch up on everyone’s posts from my favorites list as well as find new posts and reach different communities. On those days I can always post my usual ActiReports so I will keep content flowing somehow. I would like to fix my Luke is Alive weekly so probably Thursdays. Saturdays can be a chill #hivegaming post so my Chronicles of a NoLifer can continue! So Wednesdays maybe some kinda day off and dedicate more to background work or any post that I come up with eventually (need to finish my Jedi Mastery series soon!).

I’m sure this will get refined through the weeks but I would like to be more organized and use the days that I don’t post also to maybe get some posts ready for the next days for example. And hopefully, start the year more organized! Let’s see how it goes!

How about your goals? Anything for next week?

Share in the comments 🙂

Have an awesome week!

Happy Sunday!

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