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Oh boy…is that another hashtag??

Hello Buzzy Bees!

Happy New Year to my WordPress Blog (even though I already wished and this post goes to Hive, please have patience lol)!!

And of course, like every Sunday, #MyHiveGoals are here!

I already pointed them out in another post, you can check here:

But Sunday is stated the goals day so, I’ll be refreshing your memory!

Here’s the fancy table with the numbers I wrote down right on day 1 and today:

CTP Power (150000)680006800045,33%
HIVE Power (5000)2483248749,74%
LEO Power (2000)49554127.05%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)44044044,00%
INDEX Tokens (3000)1500170056,67%

For this year, I added a new level of goals to each of the already tracking last year, a little bit ambitious maybe but I have the whole year to work on them!

And if I don’t reach them, at least I’ll be near them!

I just realized when I was taking notes and thinking that I didn’t reach any of the goals last year. I actually reached one: the INDEX Tokens!!

So I’m happy! I’m not used to write goals so reaching one is a win!

But wait…there’s more!

A new set of goals! Introducing…


Of course I needed to have an Affiliate Marketing driven goals!

Because there are things that I want to accomplish and get some kind of consistency, and making myself accountable here might help!

Only got 3 Goals with no date to complete them, but if I have them achieved until the end of the year or earlier I will be super happy!

  1. 100 Automated emails on my TrafficWave List
  2. Email at least 3 times a week consistently
  3. 500 CTP Blueprint Members

My emails need some Spring Cleaning, but at the moment only have 18 in automation:

I have a lot of emails on broadcast but not added into automation, including my Jedi Mastery in List Building email series, so at least I’ll be halfway through, I hope!

I’ve been inconsistent in sending emails either inside CTP Blueprint or on my TrafficWave List and I need to change that! Been so bullish about List Building and Email Marketing all this time, I need to be the product of my product!

I need to promote my business more so I can get more members! So the 3 goals kind of complement each other so let’s do this!!

I’ll do my best to grab a piece of my day everyday to work on this and keep doing it and improving!

That’s the secret 🙂

Wanna join me on this hashtag? Is it your first time on the Affiliate Marketing?

Stick around, I might have a lesson or two to share!

Share your Hive or CTP Goals on the comments below, I would love to read them!

Happy Sunday!

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