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Thank you, Bitcoin for getting me some juicy HIVE!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

What a crazy week!

Due to some days without posting besides my ActiReports, probably next Sunday numbers will be slightly different.

But I can always compensate with more content later 🙂

This is not a race anyway! Slow and steady!

Let’s take a look of this week’s fancy table:

CTP Power (80000)560006000075,00%
HIVE Power (2500)2254234293,68%
LEO Power (500)46748396,60%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)40644044,00%
INDEX Tokens (1500)780120080,00%

The highlight of the week, besides @hivefest which was cool even with all the buggyness on my side, was finding forgotten Bitcoin on Coinpayments! lol

Probably added to buy something and was the leftover, and with the skyrocket of BTC in the last few days, got me some juicy HIVE!

Some will say “What the heck Eliana, shouldn’t be holding?”, but my love for HIVE is stronger! PLUS I can get more cool stuffs with it than BTC lol

Not only went bonkers with INDEX, but also invested in some farms for @dcitygame and a couple of Untamed Packs on @splinterlands!

Overall, it was a good week!

Next one with the holidays not sure how it will go, but I’ll be around commenting and curating at least!

So I won’t be putting a goal of the week unless the usual stuff stated in another weeks lol

Was hoping to share the @hivebuzz badge from @hivefest here but I’ll leave it for another post soon!

Need to come up with 2021 goals soon too!

How about your goals? Was it a good week? Got any noted down for next year?

Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Happy Sunday!

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