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The rewards of getting out of your comfort zone!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

Even though Sundays is when I share my Hive goals, there’s something that happened a year ago today that started to build me as I am today that I want to share!

You see…this is something I try to push others to do all the time and myself still because it is so rewarding in so many ways!

A year ago I was already pushing myself by showing myself with vlogging and more content creation plus being attending all @jongolson and @blainjones webinars religiously, that I decided to push myself a little bit more. I bugged Blain while Jon was talking live and asked if I could attend the webinar one day! Blain, as he is and that’s why I like his ways even though he seems harsh but he is who he is, asked back: “How about now? I’ll send you the link in a bit!” Well…I panicked for a second but I gave him the OK!

So…here’s the show:

It was terrifying but the boys were so welcoming and helped when I was stuck in words so…I survived!

After that, the snowball started to roll…Blain started to throw some ideas at me and I bugged him about techy stuffs and…months later…CTP Blueprint was born!

So many things right there that I would never imagined to do it, from content creation, vlogging, live streaming, even a freaking online program!!

So please…don’t miss these chances!

If you wanna be somebody and have a voice, you need to get out there!

If you wanna start something, do it!


Anyway, let’s go to the fancy table:

CTP Power (80000)560005800072,50%
HIVE Power (2500)2254226790,68%
LEO Power (500)46747595,00%
CTPSB Tokens (1000)40643543,50%
INDEX Tokens (1500)780100066,67%

This is painful but I did sell CTP Tokens! BUT for a good cause!

Get those INDEX Tokens! lol

Some LEO was sided for the @lbi-token because I wanted a few of those!

And managed to get a few CTPSB!

Slow and steady and by bits my portfolio gets nice and chubby lol

Been keeping up the weekly schedule which is good! Not sure how was going next week because it’s my Mini Boss birthday week but will see!

How was your week? Already planned for the next?

How’s your goals so far? Please share in the comments 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Sunday!

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