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Trying Something New! My First Photoshop Homework!

Hello Buzzy Bees!

How’s your adventure so far?

If you missed Day 3, click below:


Let’s get Day 4 started!

I made a video this time but I leave some links and images accordingly!

Today’s lessons were on Click Module and about Instagram and Youtube!
I still use these for leisure and How-Tos, especially Youtube.
But you know that I like my DApps so here are the ones I mentioned in the video (click on the icons for the links):

I already talked about the click rates in another task but I’ll leave the clicks from the last 3 days to compare later on:

FireShot Capture 457 - List Nerds - We got nerdy and simplified list builders! -

Today is about trying something new!

FireShot Capture 460 - Plus1Success -

This is kind of taking risks (Day 3) and trying something new, even though is not new that I’ve been working on a Photoshop course, is my first homework to do!

I put together the two pieces to compare.


Welp…at least I tried lol
I’ll be better with time and practice!!

And the tasks for today are completed!

If you created a post as well do share in the comments below so I don’t miss them!

I will give a 100% upvote as my treat 🙂

Thank you so much for being in this adventure with me!


For 30 days we are going to go through simple tasks from 3 amazing programs to help you out in this journey:

  • We will be going through training lessons inside Click Track Profit
  • Learn Email Marketing and improve our writing skills with ListNerds
  • Develop professional and even personal habits with Plus1Success

This last one is actually an Ebook that I can give you right now if you wanna take a peek:

You don’t have to do this alone but it’s up to you to take action and do the work!

Don’t forget to join us in our CTP Telegram Group!

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